Viva Italia


Viva Italia!


Ciao! Transat is focusing on Italy for the next while, and has provided some fun facts to share with your clients. 

1. Over 40 Million tourists visit Italy each year, the 4th most of any country in the world.
2. There are over 140 types of pasta and it’s estimated that each person in Italy consumes over 25 kg each year.
3. the Slow Food movement began in 1986 to resist the opening of a MacDonald’s near the Spanish Steps, AND Transat actually has a Tuscan Slow Food Package
4. Matera is the only place in the world where people still live in the same houses as their ancestors of 9000 years ago, and you can visit on a Transat coach tour.  Relax and forget the stress of driving, and see all the highlights of the countryside, seaside, or cities
 5. Earn extra commission by booking your client’s excursions before they leave. Whether they want to see the Vatican, Florence, Classical Rome,  Murano, or take a gondola ride in Venice, there is a fantastic selection.
6. 27 Ships sail weekly out of Civitavecchia – why not enjoy a cappuccino on the deck while cruising with friends.
7. Transat offers DAILY flights to Italy all summer long… Arrivederci!

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